FCB Products & Services

Due to our extensive amount of time, energy, and focus put into harvesting and further processing livestock, we humbly consider ourselves professionals in our field. Our facility has been a fixture here in the Farm Country of rural northern Wisconsin for 50+ years and the amount of meat experience under our roof tallies nearly 125 years. We are proud to pair our meat knowledge with your customer knowledge to create the happiest of customers! One of our favorite mottos around here is: "No detail is small." They all matter.
  • Full Service Processing
We offer full service processing from harvest to cutting to packaging to sausage. We take great pride in every service we offer but are here to serve YOU. Tell us what you need and we'll get it done with integrity. If you're unsure of how exactly you want your animal cut, we are more than happy to help walk you through the cutting instructions!
  • Slaughter-Only
Our Slaughter-Only service leverages our fast, clean, highly capable & professional slaughter team and facility. Slaughter is very physical and takes significant skill to do well and we're darn proud of the job we do here. A low stress, respectful, one-shot harvest is our standard and a clean, contamination-free carcass is the expectation. We have a special loadout with a robotic arm to make picking up your halves or quarters less work. We kill it, you cut it.
  • Species
We harvest and process all major species like Beef, Hogs, Lambs, & Goats plus some unique ones such as Bison, Elk, Alpaca, Deer, & more. The Bison and Elk are uniquely field harvested creating an incredibly respectful harvest process. We also make venison sausage.
  • Sausage Products
Our sausage products are a unique blend of old fashioned tradition with modern equipment, flavor profiles, and packaging. Below is a list of our current offerings. One thing we hear often is; "The best I've ever had."

*All sausage products can be done with or without cure.

Summer Sausage
- Original
- Honey BBQ
- Jalapeno Cheddar

Snack Sticks
- Original
- Jalapeno Cheddar
- Honey BBQ
- Pepperoni

- Original
- Jalapeno Cheddar
- Packer (w/sauerkraut & cheddar cheese)
- Viking (wild rice & blueberry)

Wieners (skin-on, old fashioned hot dogs)
- Original

Jerky (whole muscle)
- Original
- Teriyaki

Breakfast Sausage & Breakfast Links
- Italian
- Original

Breakfast Strips
Ring Bologna
Deli Ham

*Note: If your product is leaner or fattier than what our recipe calls for, we'll let you know and provide the opportunity for you to purchase product to suit the recipe.