Meat the Crew.

We're meat professionals, not spelling bee champions ;)

Sean Graese
(Co-Owner/Plant Manager)
I grew up hunting, fishing, ranching, and not much has changed. My earliest recollections of childhood include all of the above and, unfortunately, I still remember the time when my dad, grandpa, uncles, and I were cutting up our deer from the season on our traditional Friday after Thanksgiving deer butchering day and everyone was looking for the pile of tenderloins. I was running the hand crank grinder (because I always cut myself too much with a knife) and just ground everything that got within arms reach... whoops. Bet that was some amazing burger! Thankfully that was a long time ago and I haven't ground any customer tenderloins yet on accident (the crew won't let me near the grinder). My first professional job was in this facility back in '05 when I turned 18. I was on clean up and packaging help. Eventually I graduated to the cutting table, slaughter crew, shipping, customer service, marketing, and now leadership. I've seen it all. I appreciate it all. I appreciate the people in each position and the care and effort they put forth to create the best experience possible for you, the customer. I am proud to be a part of this team and the service it provides. I look forward to serving you and meeting you one day.


Marielle Hewitt
Marielle has focused all of her life's professional energy on ranching and meat production... and she's dang good at it. Marielle is involved in helping lead the business and helps with sourcing and scheduling details. Hang around long enough and you'll get to know Marielle and you'll be glad you did!


Crystal S.
(Assistant Manager)


Shannon is relatively new to FCB but she's no stranger to treating people right, communicating well, and being organized. Her long military career taught her many life skills. Shannon runs the office so you'll have get familiar with her quickly and appreciate her skills and service!


Mason C.
(Slaughter Lead)