Who We Are

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(we're a lot more fun to be around than this picture makes it look like! haha)

We are consumers. We love good meat. We are farmers and hunters. Therefore, we are extremely passionate about our craft.

Our goal is to provide the best butcher service on the planet. We may not be the biggest but biggest isn't our goal. Our goal is to be the best and we'll never stop learning and improving. 

Most of us here grew up cutting venison or farm raised animals at home in the garage. From first hand knowledge, we know anybody with the desire can do good work in the garage but it has its limits. A professional job requires a professional space. From the several thousand dollar precision harvest rifles we build and use to the hundreds of thousands of dollar packaging equipment, we mean business at every turn. We're serious about our profession. What comes in the back door as a hide-on animal that roamed the pasture laying in whatever they find to lay in MUST enter the cooler as a perfectly clean, contaminant-free, wonderfully wholesome food product. And that transformation happens in less than 15 minutes per animal. Speed is one thing but speed + clean is professional grade.

Once that animal rolls into the carcass chill cooler, it remains in refrigeration throughout the entirety of the process as our cutting floor also runs at cooler temperature. This is a critical element to preserving product shelf life that most plants miss because it's expensive and uncomfortable but the rewarming of that meat greatly increases risk of foodborne illness such as salmonella and e-coli while greatly reducing the shelf life of that product once it gets into a retail setting or customers hands. 

Our cutting and packaging quality is also a significant focus here at FCB. The quality on the inside needs to satisfy consumers but you'll never get the consumer to try the product if it doesn't look appealing. The investment we've made in industry-leading packaging equipment and the attention to detail our team has when it comes to presentation is huge. Simple things like not stacking boxes before their frozen allows products to freeze without being compressed causing blood to be pressed out unnecessarily. If we wouldn't buy it, we won't send it!